MEMPHIS, Tenn. – (January 5, 2016) – Phlebotomy Training Specialists (PTS), a training program that offers national phlebotomy training & certification at locations throughout the United States, has adopted Christie VeinViewer® near-infrared vein finder technology within its classrooms.

Understanding that students need an extra high level of reassurance and confidence during training, PTS uses VeinViewer Flex to aid in teaching students proper venipuncture techniques while learning how to “feel” for the appropriate venipuncture site.

Says Brian Treu, founder, CEO and owner of PTS, “Our main goal is to increase student confidence by teaching them to feel for veins, and then showing them that what they are feeling truly is a vein. Often, new students in the training setting have a hard time distinguishing things inside the arm from an anatomical perspective, and the VeinViewer helps them identify anatomical structures within the arm accurately and quickly in real time. It also helps to show them where they might have a challenging blood draw due to vein structures such as bifurcations, valves and tortuosity.”

VeinViewer Flex uses harmless near-infrared light to detect patient veins and then projects a real-time, high definition image of the vein pattern directly on the skin surface so students can quickly find more options for accessing a patient’s veins. VeinViewer Flex is the only device of its kind rated for use in all environments, including hospitals, alternate care facilities, homes and schools.

“The benefits of using VeinViewer Flex are twofold,” says Treu. “Students and employers will benefit equally from implementation of this technology. Graduating our students with knowledge of the book portion of class is the easy part; the tough part for students is graduating with a solid hands-on skillset. We have never had a problem in accomplishing this in the past with our robust program, but with VeinViewer technology we can enhance the speed with which students gain that skill set.”

“The quicker the students get the ‘feel’ in class, the more accurate and effective each subsequent blood-draw becomes. VeinViewer gets them to that point in class very quickly with visual reassurances, positive feedback and reinforcement,” concludes Treu.

PTS is implementing VeinViewer Flex technology at all of its training sites across the country. PTS currently operates schools in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and California, and is opening schools in Washington, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut and Alabama throughout 2016.

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About Phlebotomy Training Specialists

Phlebotomy Training Specialists was founded in 1993 when a need for more aggressive hands on Phlebotomy training was identified. Since initial operations PTS has trained over 103,000 students. Their students are highly sought after for their unique hands on skill set which is the primary focus of training for students PTS.

About Christie Medical Holdings, Inc.

Christie Medical Holdings Inc. is a global company based in Memphis, Tenn., that discovers, develops and commercializes medical technologies. The company’s market-leading product, VeinViewer, is manufactured in the USA. It is a mobile vascular imaging system that allows health care providers to clearly see accessible vasculature as a real time HD image, directly on the surface of the skin. Christie Medical Holdings Inc. is owned by Christie Digital Systems Inc., a global visual technologies company and a subsidiary of Ushio Inc., Japan (JP:6925). For more information on Christie Digital Systems or Christie Medical Holdings, visit

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