Christie VeinViewer Non Hospitals

Vein illumination for aesthetics, outpatient centers and EMS

VeinViewer can increase vascular access efficiencies in any clinical setting.

​​​How VeinViewer® can help:

  • VeinViewer can help you assess the venous pattern of any patient regardless of age, skin tone or size.
  • VeinViewer allows you to assess veins Pre-, During- and Post- access.

Exclusive Pre-, During- and Post-access benefits allow you to:

  • Look for valves and bifurcations in a vein, helping determine the optimal access point.
  • Watch the flushing of a vein, helping you to verify it is patent.
  • Assess a vein post-procedure and check for hematoma formation, potentially helping to avoid an infiltration.

To learn how VeinViewer can provide clinical benefits Pre, During and Post-access, speak to a Christie Medical Holdings expert today by calling 877 SEE VEIN.

VeinViewer Technology

Watch here for details on VeinViewer technology and its benefits.

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