VeinViewer illumination technology

An image you can trust: VeinViewer provides exclusive benefits to the clinician and the patient because of its unique, patented methods for image creation.

​​Vein illumination is becoming a regularly recommended method for helping improve IV access, and VeinViewer® is the market-leader of vein finder devices.

VeinViewer has been shown to improve IV first-stick success by up to 100%, decrease time to start an IV by up to 100% and decrease PICC lines by greater than 30%. Christie takes pride in the quality of our products and the commitments we make to our customers, evidenced by our multi-year warranty.

How does VeinViewer achieve this level of performance?

Creating the VeinViewer image:
Harmless near-infrared light is projected on to the skin and then absorbed by blood, but reflected by surrounding tissue. VeinViewer captures that information, processing it through a computer to create and then project a full field digital image of the patient’s vein pattern. The HD (high definition) image is projected directly on the skin; no patches, no gels, just the LED projection. And VeinViewer does it in real time.

Our exclusive focal indicator lets you know you are at the correct distance to ensure image quality and accuracy. Multiple exclusive ASSESS™ Plus imaging modes allow you to adapt the projected image to meet your patient’s needs and your own preferences.

VeinViewer can help clinicians assess the venous pattern of any patient regardless of age, skin tone or size.

Measured accuracy:
Christie’s confidence in our technology comes from extensive testing. A study of the VeinViewer projection with over 3000 data points demonstrates our image accuracy.

TrueView speaks to vein-width accuracy and an image you can trust; key in providing reliable information for correct catheter gauge selection, as well as overall confidence in your vein illumination device. VeinViewer’s projected vein width for vessels most commonly accessed during peripheral IV placement (3-7 mm wide) displays with near perfect accuracy, a differential of +/- 0.06mm. That is 60 ​microns, or micrometers; 40% smaller than a human hair and only 20 microns away from the visibility threshold. Download our TrueView whitepaper here​.

Exclusive technology:
VeinViewer’s innovative technology assists clinicians in identifying the best vein options in real time patient assessments. With our AVIN™(Active Vascular Imaging Navigation), you can assess all possible options for peripheral vein access, moving the VeinViewer image along the anatomy and getting immediate feedback. This, along with our Df2 technology, relates directly to VeinViewer’s ability to make a positive impact to the entire venipuncture procedure, Pre-, During- and Post-access.

Our exclusive Df2 (Digital full field) technology allows clinicians to see deeper vasculature with more accuracy than other vein light devices on the market. Because the full field of the image has been processed through our proprietary algorithms, VeinViewer can show you more than just the location of a vein. Our vein illuminator can show you valuable information Pre-, During- and Post-access, helping you make a more educated decision for intravenous catheter placement.

VeinViewer’s Eyes On Patient (EOP) hands-free technique allows you to easily integrate this technology into your normal procedure; no need to look away at a monitor and nothing additional to hold while accessing the vein. To learn more about VeinViewer technology solutions, speak to a Christie expert today by calling 877 SEE VEIN.​​

Adult female bicep

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VeinViewer on the Today Show

See VeinViewer on the Today Show. Christie VeinViewer helps medical professionals locate and access the patient’s vein on the first attempt.

Proven to reduce first-stick attempts and increase patient satisfactions scores, only VeinViewer offers benefits Pre-, During- and Post-vascular access.