Christie VeinViewer Emergency Room

VeinViewer provides quick assessment in emergency situations

VeinViewer can save time and increase patient throughput in Emergency Departments.

Time is critical in the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of the Emergency Department. Emergency physicians and nurses see every type of patient, and venous access can be unpredictable. Unlike devices such as transilluminators and ultrasound, VeinViewer allows you to quickly assess difficult venous access without patient contact.

Factors contributing to difficult venous access (DVA):

Size and fragility of vessels
Multiple disease states
Reduced vessel options due to blood loss
Skin tone
Edema or fatty tissue
Shock induced vasoconstriction

VeinViewer® has been proven to:

  • Increase first stick success by up to 100%
  • Significantly reduce time to place a peripheral IV
  • Decrease PICC lines placed due to difficult venous access
  • Increase patient satisfaction by 100%

VeinViewer is a vascular access imaging device that can help the clinician find the optimal venipuncture site and avoid potential complications.

VeinViewer clinical benefits

  • See peripheral veins up to 10 mm deep and blood patterns up to 15 mm deep providing more potential access sites.
  • Locate valves and bifurcations which aids in decision making for the point of insertion.
  • Assess IV patency during and after placement through visualization of fluid flushing and detection of a hematoma as it forms. Watch this video to see VeinViewer’s PDP capabilities.
  • Avoid higher acuity procedures (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter or Central Venous Catheter).

Improved peripheral venous access in the Emergency Department can mean greatly increased venous targets, avoidance of delays in life-saving treatments, and improved patient stabilization and procedural work flow. VeinViewer by Christie allows you to quickly assess your patient and make a more informed decision when picking an access site. Discover what makes VeinViewer technology unique here.

To learn more how VeinViewer can benefit your department, speak to a Christie expert today by calling 877 SEE VEIN.

Christie VeinViewer Emergency Room

Image on adult antecubital

Christie VeinViewer Emergency Room
VeinViewer Flex – nurse with patient
Christie VeinViewer Emergency Room

Inverse mode on 2 year old

Pre and Post-Access Benefits

Venipuncture can be a challenging process for medical professionals especially when a patient’s veins are difficult to see.  VeinViewer uses near infrared light to create a digital image of patient vasculature in real time.

Proven to reduce first-stick attempts and increase patient satisfaction scores, only VeinViewer offers benefits Pre-, During- and Post-vascular access.