Christie VeinViewer Emergency Room

VeinViewer is a proven asset to clinicians

VeinViewer® technology continues to set the standard in improving patient care and satisfaction scores.

Facilities around the world now use the VeinViewer imaging system from Christie Medical Holdings to help improve peripheral vascular access, reduce costs and provide improved patient care. A number of studies have proven the effectiveness and accuracy of our imaging device in various clinical settings.

VeinViewer is the only direct projection vascular imaging device clinically proven to improve peripheral vascular access by reducing the number of sticks and improving patient satisfaction. VeinViewer provides clinical benefits Pre-, During- and Post-access.

“We wanted VeinViewer to help improve our efficiency and quality of care. Now we have nurses that wouldn’t have previously started an IV feeling confident in their skills and becoming expert IV starters. It’s a win for them and our patients.”

—  Ashley Leet, RN, St. James Hospital, Olympia Fields, IL

To learn more about VeinViewer clinical benefits and supporting evidence, contact a Christie product expert by calling 877 SEE VEIN.

Pre and Post-Access Benefits

Venipuncture can be a challenging process for medical professionals especially when a patient’s veins are difficult to see.  VeinViewer uses near infrared light to create a digital image of patient vasculature in real time.

Proven to reduce first-stick attempts and increase patient satisfaction scores, only VeinViewer offers benefits Pre-, During- and Post-vascular access.