Christie VeinViewer Aesthetics


The vascular image projected by VeinViewer is becoming rapidly adopted by aesthetics physicians to help improve their success rates in sclerotherapy and injection procedures.

Cosmetic injections

Using near-infrared (NIR) light to detect superficial veins, VeinViewer projects the vein pattern directly on the skin. Easily identify and avoid vessels for cosmetic injections, helping to circumvent potential complications and reduce costs. Improve the patient experience, and set your practice ahead of the rest with the cutting edge technology of VeinViewer.

  • Locate and avoid veins on the face, which are commonly clustered around the eyes.
  • Promote your dedication to the comfort of your patients through utilization of the latest technology.


Identification of the deeper feeder vein has proven a very effective means of treating spider telangiectasia. VeinViewer sees peripheral veins up to 10mm deep and blood patterns up to 15 mm deep and can be used with both laser and non-laser treatment techniques. Our exclusive vascular imaging technology can potentially improve procedure success and avoid additional treatments.

VeinViewer® benefits include:

  • Location of deeper reticular veins for better target mapping.
  • Real time visualization; watch fluids clear the blood column.
  • The potential to reduce costs and improve patient throughput.
  • Patient consultation and education on the procedure, setting expectations of success; avoiding unneeded re-do of procedures.
  • Expanded marketing opportunities due to increased patient satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals.

Peer review article on vein mapping download.

“We have been using our VeinViewer for about 18 months and love it. We use it predominantly for reticular veins and identifying the veins that feed the large clusters of spider telangiectasia. It is also very helpful for the lateral sub-dermal venous plexus. Most importantly, the patients absolutely love the technology, and I feel that it legitimizes us as vein specialists.”

– William Schuh, MD, Vein Care Institute,
Denver, CO

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Christie VeinViewer Aesthetics

Nurse with VeinViewer Flex

Christie VeinViewer Aesthetics
Female posterior knee
Christie VeinViewer Aesthetics

Telangiectasia feeder vein

Sclerotherapy Procedure Using VeinViewer

Watch to see how VeinViewer can give you real-time visualization of the procedure.

With exclusives like HD imaging and Df2technology, learn what makes VeinViewer superior to similar vein illumination products.