VeinViewer assists in pediatric IV access

VeinViewer by Christie Medical Holdings is the only direct projection vascular access imaging device proven to reduce stick attempts and reduce pediatric IV starts, greatly improving patient satisfaction scores.​​

Pediatrics can be one of the most difficult patient populations for venipuncture procedures.  Consider the challenges associated with pediatric vascular access: small veins, limited access points due to size and the presence of “baby fat” and managing the anxiety of the children and their families. These challenges are the reason that Pediatrics is typically one of the first areas within a facility to adopt VeinViewer® vein illumination by Christie.

Multiple studies have shown the positive impact that VeinViewer, with exclusive Df2technology and HD imaging, can have on the pediatric patient population. Our Eyes On Patient technique allows the clinician to easily integrate VeinViewer into normal practice and keep their hands free to perform the procedure.

VeinViewer has been proven to:

  • Increase first stick success by up to 100%
  • Decrease PICC lines placed due to difficult venous access by greater than 30%
  • Increase patient satisfaction by 100%
  • VeinViewer’s TrueView accuracy provides an image you can trust; highly important when working with tiny veins.
    • VeinViewer’s projected vein width displays with near perfect accuracy. Displayed vein width can greatly impact assessing the catheter gauge prior to insertion.
  • See peripheral veins up to 10 mm deep and blood patterns up to 15 mm deep providing more potential access sites.
  • ASSESS™ Plus Imaging Suite features modes designed to aid in pediatric assessment: Fine Detail and Resize.
    • VeinViewer delivers valuable information for the entire vascular access procedure and should be used to help assess the patient Pre-, During- and Post-access. Everyone from the novice to the experienced clinician can benefit from VeinViewer.
  • Locate valves and bifurcations which aids in decision making for the point of insertion.
  • Assess IV patency during and after placement through visualization of fluid flushing and detection of a hematoma as it forms.
  • Avoid higher acuity central lines. VeinViewer is also proven to have a significant impact on patient satisfaction scores; something that is becoming increasingly important to reimbursement and value-based purchasing.
    • VeinViewer has been shown to more than double patient satisfaction scores.
    • Kids find the VeinViewer light a pleasant distraction from the procedure, helping them to relax and the procedure to go more smoothly.

To learn how VeinViewer can improve clinical care for your smallest patients, contact a Christie expert today by calling 877 SEE VEIN.

2 year old child's foot

2 year old child’s foot

VienViewer 5 year old child's forearm
5 year old child’s forearm
VienViewer 2 year old child's hand

2 year old child’s hand

VeinViewer on KTVL News Special

New Technology could help patients avoid some pain.  Watch as KTVL (channel 10 News) shows doctors and nurses using VeinViewer to improve procedures like taking blood.

Over a dozen studies show the positive impact of VeinViewer, including up to 100% increase in first-stick success and patient satisfaction and greater than 30% reduction in PICCs.