Christie VeinViewer EMS

A portable solution for emergency medical services

VeinViewer Flex is an ultra-portable vein illumination device designed with exclusive features to assist first responders in improving vascular access.

Every day, paramedics and other first responders see a variety of patient types and challenging environments in medical emergency situations. Patient venous access can present a number of difficult challenges: reduced vessel options due to blood loss, edema, vasoconstriction, dehydration, varying skin tones, and diffused or no lighting in small spaces. VeinViewer® Flex by Christie assists emergency medical clinicians in rapidly assessing available peripheral vasculature; identifying better options for successful vascular access. VeinViewer Flex HD imaging, powered by Df2 technology is the only vein illumination device that offers real-time feedback throughout the entire venipuncture procedure, Pre-, During- and Post-access.

Clinical features and benefits of VeinViewer Flex:

  • Clinicians can fully assess their patient’s vasculature to place a standard peripheral IV prior to escalating to a more invasive procedure if required.
  • VeinViewer Flex can improve peripheral IV first stick success by up to 100% and reduce treatment delays.
  • Early detection of hematomas can help avoid potential infiltrations.
  • Effective for patients of all skin tones, ages and weight as well as patients that are dehydrated or in trauma.

Key features for first responders:

  • Brightest direct projection vein illumination, can be used in conditions with little to no ambient light.
  • MaxBright feature increases brightness by 40% to aid in scenarios with higher than standard ambient light.
  • Includes 2 fast-swap batteries and can be run on A/C power.
  • Drop tested for durability per IEC/UL 60601-01 standard.
  • Only device of its kind rated as an EMC class B device and is suitable for use in all environments; both industrial and domestic.
  • Multiple clamps provide options for attaching S-Mount (Stability Mount) to available surfaces.
  • Vehicle charge adapter and travel case are available with our Optional Accessory Kit.

To learn how VeinViewer can provide clinical benefits Pre-, During- and Post-access, speak to a Christie expert today by calling 877 SEE VEIN.

Christie VeinViewer EMS

Adult female antecubital inverse

Christie VeinViewer EMS
Forearm bifurcations
Christie VeinViewer EMS

Paramedic with VeinViewer Flex

VeinViewer Product Demonstration

Watch here for details on VeinViewer technology and its benefits.

Proven to reduce first-stick attempts and increase patient satisfaction scores, only VeinViewer offers benefits Pre-, During- and Post-vascular access.