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Efficiency is key in patient satisfaction and keeping costs down

Assess patient vasculature quickly and accurately in the outpatient setting.

VeinViewer® is a vascular access imaging device that uses direct projection vein illumination to identify vein patterns and display them on a patient’s skin, assisting in identifying a patient’s best venous access options for IV insertion.

Outpatient centers face a number of vascular access challenges:

  • Dehydrated patients due to surgery prep procedures including affects of not eating or drinking.
  • Patient types vary; may be elderly or obese, wide variety of skin tones and age.
  • Operating room schedule compliance directly affects efficiency.
  • Infiltrations can impact operating room time leading to delays and lost revenue.

VeinViewer is a vascular access imaging device that can help the clinician find the optimal venipuncture site and avoid potential complications. With HD imaging and exclusive Df2technology, VeinViewer is the only vein illuminator that provides benefits for all patients during the entire vascular access procedure and allows clinicians a hands-free, Eyes On Patient technique. Assess the venous pattern of any patient regardless of age, skin tone or size. VeinViewer should be used to help assess the patient Pre-, During- and Post-access ​(PDP). Everyone from the novice to the experienced clinician can benefit from VeinViewer.

Exclusive pre-, during- and post- access benefits allow you to:

  • See peripheral veins up to 10 mm deep and blood patterns up to 15 mm deep providing more potential access sites.
  • Locate valves and bifurcations which aids in decision making for the point of insertion.
  • Assess IV patency during and after placement through visualization of fluid flushing and detection of a hematoma as it forms. Watch this video to see VeinViewer’s PDP capabilities .
  • Potentially avoid an infiltration from a blown vessel.

To learn how VeinViewer can increase efficiencies in your clinical setting Pre-, During- and Post-access, speak to a Christie expert today by calling 877 SEE VEIN.

Christie VeinViewer Outpatient Centers

Valve identification

VeinViewer Flex – nurse with patient

VeinViewer on NBC

Watch how VeinViewer helps to ease the fear of needle sticks at North Hills Hospital in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Proven to reduce first-stick attempts and increase patient satisfactions scores, only VeinViewer offers benefits Pre-, During- and Post-vascular access.