Meet Christie Medical

Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. is a global company based in Lake Mary, Florida. A dedicated trailblazer to Illuminating Revolutionary Patient Care™, Christie Medical proudly creates and commercializes products for the healthcare industry. 

Christie is behind medical innovations that have paved the way towards better vascular access and an improved patient experience. With the future always in mind, Christie is continually creating new products and developing their existing ones through extensive research. Learn more about VeinViewer® Vision2 and Flex

Christie Medical is committed to

  • Improving the patient experience

  • Lowering the cost of care

  • Minimizing patient risk

  • Developing quality products

A Background on NIR Vascular Imaging Technologies

Near-infrared vascular imaging technology was first discovered almost thirty years ago. Shortly after, the earliest model of VeinViewer® was developed and later deemed one of Time Magazine’s “Most Amazing Inventions of 2004.” While trying to devise a device to assist the visually impaired, the original inventor realized VeinViewer could distinguish blood vessels from surrounding tissue. Prototypes ensued with several iterations as technology advanced leading to today’s smart VeinViewer models.

Six device generations later and a global footprint of 40+ countries and counting, the VeinViewer® has been revolutionary to the patient and practitioner experience since it’s invention. Its high-standing reputation has stood the test of time, because in 2022, Christie was recognized as a MedTech Development Company of the Year (USA) and VeinViewer® was voted Best Mobile Vascular Imaging System” by Global Health & Pharma.

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