Memphis, Tenn., March 8, 2011 – Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., maker of the VeinViewer® imaging system, recently reported significant growth in the international market and is predicting another key milestone this year.

After launching VeinViewer into the international arena in the spring of 2008, Christie now boasts solid partnerships with 35 distribution partners representing more than 40 countries and is rapidly adding more. By the end of 2011, executive management at the company is predicting VeinViewer will be available in the world’s top 50 health care markets.

“Our process for selecting international distribution partners is straightforward; we find and work with the highest caliber groups around the world that share our vision of leading the innovation of vascular access with VeinViewer,” said Chris Schnee, general manager for Christie. “We look for groups that understand the patient and health care market needs of their regions and will help us to ensure that the only item our end‐customer loves more than the capabilities of VeinViewer is the service and solutions we provide to better their outcomes.”

Designed to aid clinicians in peripheral vascular access, VeinViewer uses near‐infrared light to create a digital image of a patient’s veins and projects the pattern directly on the surface of the skin. The third generation of the technology, VeinViewer Vision, launched in May of 2010 adding enhanced features and significantly reducing the size of the unit.

Christie credits the success of the product to persistent efforts in proving the effectiveness of the device.

“We have studies showing the positive impact of VeinViewer on efficiency, patient comfort, satisfaction and cost savings,” Schnee continued. “All of that makes this a very desirable product for our partners. With the foundation of this shared international success and the magnitude of where we will develop the clinical and functional capabilities of the VeinViewer platform, we look forward to many years of growth ahead.”

Christie has already added direct staff to support the company’s expanding distributor base and plans to hire additional international team members this year.

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About Christie Medical Holdings, Inc.

Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. is a global company based in Memphis, Tenn., that discovers, develops and commercializes medical technologies. The company’s market‐leading product, VeinViewer®, is a mobile vascular imaging system that allows health care providers to clearly see accessible vasculature in real time, directly on the surface of the skin. Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. is owned by Christie Digital Systems Inc., a global visual technologies company and a subsidiary of Ushio Inc., Japan (JP:6925). For more information on Christie Digital Systems or Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., visit