Memphis, Tenn., June 8, 2011 – Christie Medical Holdings, maker of the award winning VeinViewer® imaging system, today introduced a new program designed to help customers looking for a true solution in improving peripheral vascular access. The FreshStart Competitive Trade-In Program offers customers the chance to turn in nonperforming vascular access visualization devices and receive a substantial credit toward the purchase of a VeinViewer unit.

“We’ve received a widespread cry from the customer base asking us to devise a solution to release them from other devices they have purchased that don’t address their needs. And that prompted the creation of this program,” said Gregory Jump, vice president of U.S. sales for Christie. “They recognize VeinViewer’s product quality, clinical evidence and ability to deliver benefits no other device can to the entire vascular access procedure − much more than just illuminating a target vessel.”

While Christie currently provides a very robust upgrade path for current customers to adopt current generations of VeinViewer technology, this is the first program from Christie to address those customers who had made a purchasing decision in the past that is simply not meeting their needs. Through the FreshStart Program, customers may trade in up to three competitive units at a significant trade-in value to be applied to a VeinViewer purchase.

VeinViewer uses harmless near-infrared light and other patented technologies to detect subcutaneous blood and project a real-time, digital image of a patient’s vein pattern directly on the surface of the skin. Primarily used to assist in IV access, this revolutionary device is also used during blood draws and sclerotherapy, the treatment of spider and varicose veins. It is the only direct projection device with the potential to provide a significant return on investment for IV improvements and reduction of unneeded PICC lines, as well help reduce risk and the potential for infection − a huge topic for hospitals after the CMS 2008 ruling of no longer paying for secondary hospital-acquired infections (HAI). Additionally, VeinViewer has shown significant ability to boost patient satisfactions scores (HCAPS), which will become a major reimbursement driver for the U.S. health care system.

“Prior to VeinViewer, there were devices that operated much like a flashlight pressed to your skin; you can see the shadow of a vein but only very shallow and no real-time information,” said Chris Schnee, general manager and vice president of sales and marketing at Christie. “After VeinViewer, a few devices have entered the market attempting to use near-infrared but without any of the benefits of VeinViewer’s technique and clinical capabilities. VeinViewer produces true vein imaging you can trust. Now that we’ve reached a second phase of manufacturing volumes, we are pleased to roll out the FreshStart Program to meet customer demand.”

Customers desiring more information about the FreshStart Program may contact Christie by calling (877) SEE-VEIN (877-733-8346), by contacting their local representative or visiting

About Christie Medical Innovations

Christie Medical Innovations is a global company based in Memphis, Tenn., that discovers, develops and commercializes medical technologies. The company’s market-leading product, VeinViewer®, is a mobile vascular imaging system that allows health care providers to clearly see accessible vasculature in real time, directly on the surface of the skin. Christie Medical Innovations is owned by Christie Digital Systems, Inc., a global visual technologies company and a subsidiary of Ushio, Inc., Japan (JP:6925). For more information on Christie Digital Systems or Christie Medical Innovations, visit