MEMPHIS, Tenn. – (September 5​, 2014) – U.S. News and World Report announced its 2014-2015 Best Hospital Rankings for facilities with high ranking scores in 16 adult and 10 pediatric specialty areas. Of the 28 hospitals that received Honor Roll status, 21 use Christie’s vein finder technology, VeinViewer® for peripheral IV procedures Pre-, During and Post vascular access.

“We are proud that VeinViewer is the vascular imaging device of choice by the top ranking hospitals in the country,” said Chris Schnee, general manager and vice president of Sales and Marketing at Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. “ VeinViewer technology, now six generations strong with the recent launch of VeinViewer Vision2, is backed by six peer reviewed papers and Christie’s five year commitment, Christie Assure. Medical Centers have placed their trust in our technology and the company standing behind it to help provide revolutionary patient care.”

VeinViewer is the first and only device on the market to use: harmless near-infrared light, DLP® technologies, exclusive technology such as Active Vascular Imaging Navigation (AVIN) which has been shown by clinical studies to increase both first stick success and patient satisfaction up to 100 percent while reducing medically unnecessary PICC lines by over 30 percent. VeinViewer’s TrueView imaging accuracy in projected vein-widths is three to ten times more accurate than the competition. With its Df2 (Digital full field) projection VeinViewer is able to provide a real-time, HD image of vasculature directly onto the surface of the skin.

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About Christie Medical Holdings, Inc.

Christie Medical Holdings Inc. is a global company based in Memphis, Tenn., that discovers, develops and commercializes medical technologies. The company’s market-leading product, VeinViewer, is a mobile vascular imaging system that allows health care providers to clearly see accessible vasculature as a real time HD image, directly on the surface of the skin. Christie Medical Holdings Inc. is owned by Christie Digital Systems Inc., a global visual technologies company and a subsidiary of Ushio Inc., Japan (JP:6925). For more information on Christie Digital Systems or Christie Medical Holdings, visit

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