Associated cautions

​​VeinViewer® by Christie is an assessment device; it is not a diagnostic tool. It uses harmless near-infrared (NIR) light to detect blood beneath the surface of the skin. VeinViewer projects an image of the vein pattern using LED light.

VeinViewer is non-laser based and presents no heat or eye safety issues. However, the light output is very bright. Users should not look directly into the imaging light source. When imaging patients who might have inhibited or reduced blink reflexes, provide the patient with medical facility issued eye protection.

In rare instances, shallow arteries may be detected and projected by near-infrared (NIR) devices. VeinViewer technology does not distinguish between venous or arterial vessels. Use standard vascular access practices, palpation, visualization with the device of venous refill and valve detection of any blood patterns prior to vascular access, to better ensure vein identification. Failure to do so could result in misidentification of an artery as a venous target.

VeinViewer does not contact the patient and is safe to take into all areas of a healthcare facility*, including isolation areas. Users should consult their infection control, biomedical and/or housekeeping department(s) to ensure facility protocols are followed.

VeinViewer should not be used near equipment that may emit strong magnetic fields such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

For any questions or concerns regarding the safety of VeinViewer products, please contact our Customer Service department.

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VeinViewer on the Today Show

See VeinViewer on the Today Show. Christie VeinViewer helps medical professionals locate and access the patient’s vein on the first attempt.

Proven to reduce first-stick attempts and increase patient satisfactions scores, only VeinViewer offers benefits Pre-, During- and Post-vascular access.